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Guild Wars 2

Posted by Cynner on 2012-09-24.

Server: Tarnished Shore

It's pretty good, Bad members, come join us! Sehht

SWTOR: Prep Yourselves

Posted by Cynner on 2012-04-11.

[URL=""]Patch 1.2[/URL]

PS: We killed stuff. Forgot to take pics. We will learn from this mistake!

Game over man, GAME OVER!

Posted by Mako on 2012-02-28.

8/8H Dragon Soul!

After defeating the sub-bosses known as bed time, bus strikes, work and TERA beta, we managed to finish the instance by killing Deathwing again.

Special thanks to the following:
  • Our MVPs Sindragosa's Flawless Fang and Stay of Execution
  • Prom, Aussa and myself for not getting impaled for NO REASON
  • 2.5 min cooldown vanish
  • Piercing howl
  • Calling and using dream before parasite-splosions
  • Not crying because we're doing too much damage
  • Turtle Pet
  • Jamaican Patchwerk

  • Congratulations to Clawface on our first Alexstrasza mount!

    And thank you to everyone for showing up on time (for once), sticking around and staying up past your bed time for the last few days. Since the expansion is pretty much done we'll be farming mounts and goofing off, so don't expect a lot of WoW stuff from us. :)

    P.S. Special thanks to Marclivis for not crying that we delayed his Legendaries by a month. :|

    Heroic Spine Cleared!

    Posted by Mako on 2012-02-07.

    7/8H Dragon Soul!


    After all of our raiders managed to get more than 0 hours of sleep and stopped finding new ways to kill themselves we somehow killed the boss on our first week of attempts (51st pull).

    Along the way we learned a couple of secrets:
  • Heroic difficulty makes the fight harder

  • Hunter Secret technique: Raptor Twisting

  • RPing as a girl in LFR does not get you more items

  • 8 is less than 9; Killing Amalgamations at 8 stacks does not win the fight

  • You won't get banned for farming lovely charms in throne of the tides

  • Madness is up next, great job everyone on the kill!

    WoL here, for those who care.

    Karagga's Palace Hard Mode Cleared - Server First

    Posted by Cynner on 2012-01-20.

    My internet died last night immediately after killing Karagga, so this update is coming to you a little late. We have now cleared both raid instances in the game. We enjoyed them both, save for the bugs, but the fights were pretty great. I hope the development team understands that 16 man normal is harder than 8 man hard or nightmare, MUCH harder. I doubt they do though, because these developers are easily the dumbest I've seen. UNFORTUNATE.

    MVP goes to your favorite and mine, ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNDEDDU (Nature) for passing on loot then getting angry at everyone for it! Yeah buddy!

    Somehow I jacked up the screen shot from the kill room, so instead you lucky folks get to see the end results, black-red sabers. They are quite great.